Yoga Power for the Bedroom

6 Yoga Moves for Better Intimacy

tantric couple

Many of us who meditate also practice yoga and we do so for many reasons – as part of a spiritual path, for shaping our bodies, for enhanced meditations and more.  Among the many physical benefits of yoga reported by dedicated practitioners is improved sex and intimacy.  If that sounds good to you, read on.  We’ve put together a handful of yoga poses certain to spice things up in your love life!


Setu Bandhasana

Some moves are about enhancing blood flow to the right areas and this is one of them.  In addition to tightening your glutes, calves and core muscles (and who doesn’t need that?) this is a great position to practice your Kegel’s exercises girls.  Guys can also gain from awakening this base chakra.

Setu Bandhasana pose
Image from Times of India

Yab Yum

Bring a partner for this one.  Sit on your partner’s lap and both of you embrace making sure that your chests are pressing together, feeling each other’s heartbeat.  Unlike the picture below digging in the fingernails is not really necessary.  This movement is pretty much strain-free making it easy to hold for a long period of time. We recommend listening to the Tantra Isochronic meditation program in combination with this pose:

yab yum pose


Malasana Squat

This pose puts a strong stretch on the pelvis while relieving low back tension.  The hamstrings and inner thighs get opened up while placing your hands together as shown allows for flexing the chest muscles and bringing more blood flow to the area:

Malasana Squat pose
Image: Mind Body Green

Happy Baby Pose

This one is great to practice alone, but even better to bring in your partner for some variations on this move once comfortable with the stretch.  (See the model below and use your imagination!) Bring your knees up towards your chest so that you can grab your feet, then pull your legs back further opening up your pelvis as you do:

happy baby yoga pose

Child’s Pose

Ready for an easy one?  This pose that I’m sure you’ve done before is great for bringing blood to the head and clearing out the junk thoughts.  An uncluttered, unbothered mind makes for better focus during intimacy, and the low back and pelvic stretch that accompanies this move helps with your core flexibility.  This a movement that also works well with and enhances the benefits of meditation:

child yoga pose

Bound Angle

Here’s a wonderful pose for really waking up your legs and groin area.  Press your feet together, grab them with your hands and then gently ease your upper body down, head towards your feet:

bound angle yoga pose

So do you have any yoga poses that have worked for you in driving more passion and enjoyment from your intimacy?  Have you combined Isochronic tones meditation with these or other tantric practices?  Tell us about your experiences!