The 10 Best Astral Projection Techniques For an Out of Body Experience

Wouldn’t you love leaving your body at night or whenever you want to? Astral projection is an amazing experience. But it can be very elusive and achieving it isn’t easy. That’s why learning the best astral projection techniques is so helpful.

Astral projection, the art of leaving your body and flying wherever you want, isn’t a recent discovery. But it’s only recently that people have begun sharing efficient techniques and making mastery of this state attainable for everyone.

Life is short, and you spend around a third of it sleeping. That’s a lot of time going to waste. By learning these astral projection techniques, you can use that time to have amazing experiences instead.

girl is having astral projection

1. The Rope Technique

Imagine an invisible rope dangling from the ceiling. Then imagine reaching out and pulling your astral body up and away from your physical body.

You may feel dizzier the higher you climb; this is a normal effect of the separation. Eventually, your whole body seems paralyzed and vibrating.

Just concentrate on climbing and don’t stop.

You’ll feel yourself breaking out of your body and hovering above it. You’ve achieved astral projection.

2. The Monroe Method

The first step is deep relaxation of your body. It’s important, so don’t skip ahead.

Try to go halfway to sleep. Keep your consciousness between waking and sleeping. This is what’s called the hypnagogic state. Keep going deeper, silence your mind.

Just observe the darkness behind your closed eyelids.

The more you can relax, the deeper you will go. When you notice vibrations in your body, see if you can intensify them. When you achieve control of this sensation, you’re ready to depart.

Now roll over out of your body.

3. Watch Yourself Fall Asleep

Get comfortable on your back, looking at the ceiling. Begin clearing your thought space and relax your body.

Tell yourself you’ll watch yourself go to sleep. Make it a firm affirmation, believe in yourself. Let your body fall asleep while your mind stays alert for the whole process.

Remind yourself that you’ll stay conscious when your body sleeps.

Learn to recognize the strange sensations of deep trance and relax into them. You must retain awareness while it unfolds.

When your body feels heavy and numb, you’re almost there. Focus on the sensations. Do you feel like you’re floating? Swaying? Where do you tingle? Is there unusual noise or strong vibrations?

Don’t be afraid, just observe. They’re signs that you’re leaving your body.

Envision yourself floating up to the ceiling. Imagine how that feels. Focus your senses to make it real and feel it.

Sooner or later, you will find yourself hovering near the ceiling.

4. Leave Your Body through a Lucid Dream

Lucid dreams happen when you become conscious inside a dream. In dreams, you’re already separated from your sleeping body.

To create an out-of-body experience from a lucid dream, you need a few astral projection techniques.

First of all, think about it a lot and really desire it. Read, listen to, and think about topics relating to lucid dreaming and astral projection as much as you can.

Tell yourself often that you’re going to have a lucid dream. Ask yourself if you’re dreaming, and follow up with a reality check.

A reality check is something you do often to see whether you’re awake. The result will differ in the dream realm. You can look into a mirror, or try to push your finger through your palm, for example.

With practice, you’ll have frequent lucid dreams and gain control of your dreaming mind.

When you realize you’re dreaming, focus on the realization that you’re not in your body. Will yourself to observe your bedroom. Oftentimes, your dream will fade and you’ll find yourself floating above your sleeping self.

5. The Jump Technique

This is one of the simplest astral projection techniques and revolves around a reality check.

Ask yourself often if you’re dreaming. Ask it with sincerity. Look for an answer. Now jump.

In waking life, you’ll just rise and land. In a dream, however, you’ll see a different result. For example, you may take off and fly away.

When this becomes a habit, you’ll start to have lucid dreams. From there you can break out into the world.

6. The Displaced Consciousness Method

Lie down, close your eyes, and sink into deep meditation. Try to “feel” the whole room simultaneously. Don’t interact, just observe.

Imagine rotating your astral body horizontally, seeing the room spin. Stop when your astral head is at your physical feet. Imagine that and visualize the room from this direction.

The goal is to displace the physical sense of direction. Done correctly, it’ll make you dizzy. Get used to the feeling, then imagine floating toward the ceiling.

7. Muldoon’s Thirst Technique

This one can be very unpleasant.

Abstain from drinking anything for a few hours before you go to bed. Stare into a glass of water, visualize drinking it but don’t allow yourself to drink.

Put the glass out of reach and eat a little salt before sleeping. Rehearse, in your head, the steps to get the glass of water. Getting out of bed, walking, grabbing the glass, etc. Be detailed.

Think about your thirst as you go to sleep, and how to quench it.

This may trigger a dream where you go for the glass and become lucid on the way. You’re now astral projecting.

8. Stretching Astral Projection Techniques

Lie down and relax. Visualize your feet stretching, becoming an inch or two longer. Once the picture is firm, let it back to normal.

Repeat it with your head. Switch back and forth between feet and head, making them longer each time. When you reach more than two feet, try to stretch in both directions at once.

You’ll feel vibrations and dizziness, and soon begin to float.

9. The Hammock Technique

Imagine yourself in a pale, bright hammock hanging between palm trees on an empty beach. Feel the wind sway you, and imagine swinging from side to side.

Keep the image until you begin to sway out of your static body. Now roll out to the side.

10. Relaxing Astral Projection Techniques

Meditate until you can’t feel your body. Tell yourself you’ll have an out-of-body experience. That you’ll let your body sleep, but bring your waking awareness wherever you go.

Tell yourself you’ll leave your body with your consciousness.

Repeat it all over and over as you get sleepier. Even if you have to roll over.

Tingles and flashing lights are good signs. If you start losing the words, simplify your phrase. The classic “Mind awake, body asleep” mantra is great.

Repeat until you drift into sleep.


Regardless of the astral projection techniques chosen, it’s unlikely that you’ll be successful the first night. It can take weeks to start seeing results. Take your time and relax; don’t be frustrated or discouraged.

You can make it easier with some helpful astral projection audio.

If you’d like more information about astral projection techniques, keep reading our blog.