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You agree to all services and terms listed below when you partake in any action involving Mp3-Meditation-Club.com  (Definition) – “Action” includes all communications such as ordering, conversing and emailing, as well as purchases and submissions. It also includes access, browsing and testing as well as reading and downloading of materials. This is not an inclusive list and as such “action” is not limited to the above explicitly stated dealings. We will, under no circumstances, be held accountable for anything other than the initial price rendered for our products and services. All our products are subject to a money back guarantee for sixty days after purchase. During this time or after, you agree that MP3 Meditation Club cannot be held liable for anything more than the purchase price of the product or service. All sales become final and non-refundable after the sixty day guarantee expires. Standard purchases made through Clickbank are eligible for refund guarantees. Personal discount offers paid through Paypal do not have a refund guarantee.If you place multiple orders only the first one is refundable and all future orders can NOT be refunded. Orders which include more than one recording are NOT refundable.

In addition, you fully acknowledge that MP3 Meditation Club cannot be considered liable for the loss or damage of any product. This includes, but is not limited to: data loss, computer damage, monetary loss or claims such as mental damage claims, physical damage claims or any other type of claim. You also understand that no FDA evaluation exists for downloading samples or purchasing products, and you are thereby accepting the risks associated with said samples and products. Please refrain from purchasing or using samples if you suffer from a medical related issue such as epilepsy, convulsions or high blood pressure. If you require advice, please contact your doctor for information. Merchandise and Services are intended only for educational and novelty uses. The theory of metaphysical abilities is a topic of much debate, and as such no product can guarantee success. We hold no implied or expressed guarantee that a product will provide metaphysical abilities. The descriptive writing on our pages is opinion only and should be taken as opinion rather than fact. While there are certain purposes stated for each product, we provide no guarantee on progressions. Success requires the highest degree of concentration and dedication as well as every day practice. The novelty nature of our products should thus be acknowledged by any “action takers.”

Monetary Processing: Third Party System
We carefully explore documented cases which link particular frequencies to particular talents. Some of the studies or conclusions are scientific in nature while others offer more of a UPG analysis (unverifiable personal gnosis). Science has not proven that most of these subjects actually exist, so under these circumstances we use what is regarded as the best data available. We test and tweak every frequency and each recording with our team of spiritually gifted testers. Finally, we utilize feedback from customers telling us what is working and what isn’t.

MP3 Meditation Club employs the use of third party systems for payment and processing, which are judged to be secure systems. However, MP3 Meditation Club holds no liability for any sort of disputes in regard to monetary transfers. Contact information can be provided to the requesting party if there are any concerns, and will be done so for the associated service handling the payments. Our trusted Ticket Support System is responsible for all refund requests and should be contact for further information in regards to refunds.

None of our products and services are intended for medical use.

Products are specifically for novelty use only. Said products have no medical application and should not be purchased or used for such, as no testing has been done in medical situations. Every consequence that results from failure to observe the above caution is your risk and yours alone. MP3 Meditation Club possesses no formal training in medical situations or the profession. As a result, no medical advice or evaluations can be offered under any circumstance.

MP3 Meditation Club is not liable for inappropriate use of products or services.

You assume any and all responsibility for the use of products offered. During the course of utilizing any of our products, you should never  operate machinery or vehicles, participate in activities that could potentially cause harm to you physically or mentally or consume any type of drug, whether legal or illegal. Additionally, you should not use our products if you have a medical condition. Do not purchase if you are uncertain. You are solely responsible for your actions and decisions and you assume all liability for the purchase of our products or any action therein.

MP3 Meditation Club is not liable for others’ actions.
MP3 Meditation Club has little control over our affiliates responsible for advertising our products. We are available to help as we are able if any circumstances occur that break the law. Our affiliates provide service for us and are bound to the terms of service provided by Clickbank. As such, all enforcement measures must be run through them. We discourage unethical procedures and strive to conform our business to all regulations of the government.

Parental consent required of minors.
Young children are discouraged from purchasing our products. Parents are responsible for the monitoring of their children’s use and purchase of our products and will be held solely liable. MP3 Meditation Club is not responsible for any problems that arise through lack of proper parental guidance.

Newsletter Subscribers.
Those requesting free samples are automatically registered to receive our newsletter. Unsubscribing can easily be done by clicking the unsubscribe button in any emails you receive from us. We are straightforward and use the highest quality service for managing our email system. Aweber.com Subscribing is safe and your email address is shared with no one outside of MP3 Meditation Club. We follow all necessary procedures to ensure identity. It should be noted, however, that our newsletter system and subsequent operational function or media has no warranty.

Communications through Email.
Our communications are provided on an as-is basis. This includes product support and information, suggestions and recommendations, and questions and advice, but is not limited to the above. Opinions expressed have no guarantee of containing factual information considering the controversial subject matter of our products. If any provided opinions are discovered to be invalid, the communicating party relinquishes privileges to any and all criminal and civil accusations and restitution. MP3 Meditation Club cannot be held liable for any impact, negative or otherwise, that may occur as the result of following opinions or assumptions provided.