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I have enjoyed a few of your recordings, but this latest purchase is unique in the way it makes me feel. I have a wonderful sense of intense energy, incredible strength, and true happiness. I very much appreciate this recording. Thank you – Gilbert A


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Speed Learning

Speed Learning Isochronic Tone

Speed learning techniques boost the rate of learning without causing a reduction in retention or comprehension. Brainwave technology is the latest and most effective of these techniques. Speed learning audio recording is based on this principle. To enhance your learning and retention abilities, all you need to do is listen to speed learning audio recording for a few minutes every day.

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* No Extensive Practice Required
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1 Minute Sample

Speed Learning


Do you really need speed learning?

Above average learning and retention capability is helpful in every stage of life. Do you find yourself lagging behind at school or struggling to cope with corporate pressures? If the answer is yes, then you need speed learning. The program hones your learning capabilities to help you excel both academically as well as professionally.


The science behind speed learning audio recording

The concept of speed learning was developed by Professor Lozanov in 1970s. Schroeder and Ostrander played an important role in popularizing the concept. The results of their studies proved that it is possible to improve information learning and retention using specific frequencies and rhythms. Speed learning audio recording creates these frequencies to help you reach your full potential.


What are the benefits of speed learning audio recording?

Speed learning audio recording is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is listen to the program while you study. The specialized music induces your brain to produce brain waves associated with higher levels of conscious. The meditative state induced by the recording helps you plug into your inner potential. The simple exercise can offer extraordinary results. Regardless of what you are dealing with, a math problem or a complicated business document, speed learning audio recording make it possible for you to focus, quickly absorb the material and retain it for a long duration.


How does speed learning audio recording work?

Speed learning audio recording duplicates sine frequencies. Different frequencies in both ears induce the brain to create a third type of frequency. This frequency is responsible for a shift in consciousness and speed learning abilities. Even after years of meditative practice people find it difficult to reach such a stage. Speed learning audio recording make this possible in less than 8 minutes. The program gives you the ability to control your learning speed. This can translate into major benefits at school as well as office.




Speed learning has completely changed my life. Previously I used to struggle to solve even the simplest of math problems, but since I started listening to the program my learning ability has improved considerably. Moreover, I can retain everything I learn for a much longer duration. This has made a huge difference in my grades. Thanks a ton! - Nita Bueche

I tried a many different speed learning techniques, but nothing rally worked for me. When I came across speed learning audio recording I decided to give it a try. The recording really works. Every time I listen to the recording I experience a perceptible shift in consciousness within just a few minutes. I have notices a major change in my learning and retention capabilities. I believe that the program has played a major role in my recent professional successes. Thanks.- Elnora Ospina

I have tried a number of your products so I was sure that speed learning program would work, but what surprised me was how effective it was. It has made a major difference in my life. I am a stay at home mom and the program has made my day to day activities more organized and efficient. The program helps me learn new skills quickly. I just wish to express my gratitude for offering such a great product.- Erik Giesel

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Why buy our Isochronic tone?

There are many compelling reasons why our Isochronic tone is being snapped up by people.

Yes Isochronic Tone is a one hour MP3 that creates brainwave synchronization in a matter of minutes.

Yes You don’t have sit through a number of practice sessions before you can actually feel the effects.

Yes The Isochronic tone leverages the powerful tool that is sound, to begin the shift in consciousness

Yes A tried and tested solution, the Isochronic Tone MP3 allows you to reap the benefits such an experience can deliver.


Isochronic Tone $ 24
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