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Tantra Meditation Isochronic Tone

Tantra Meditation is a technique that is known to enhance sexual pleasure and the overall health of an individual practicing it. As this is a form of meditation, many people prefer to practice it than use medications to heighten their sexual pleasures, by improving their states of consciousness.


Tantra Meditation

– Can tantra meditation influence the mind?

It most certainly does! And offers pleasurable rewards too!


Sexual intercourse becomes just an another ritual when it is considered as a biological need. But when you look at it as an act that liberates the two individuals and joins them together by removing the physical, frictional aspect, it becomes an act of pleasure. To put it simply, you should look at sex as more than just a physical act. So, the sexual pleasure you experience is dependent on how your mind is attuned to it.

This is where tantra meditation can help. Tantric ritual rewards its practitioners with extreme pleasure. Unlike what many people believe, these rituals are about achieving that supernatural ecstasy related to sex, than about achieving a sexual climax. Tantra has more to do with the liberation aspect of tantric rituals, which also includes pleasure, sans the physical aspect of the act.


What are the benefits of tantra meditation?

While tantric meditation is certainly helpful in enhancing sexual pleasure, it also aids in improvement of relationship with your partner. Some of the many benefits offered by tantra meditation are mentioned below.

  • Tantra meditation can heighten the levels of sexual pleasure and culminate in a sublime experience of heightened awareness for both the participants.
  • Practicing tantra yoga can help in enhancing simple bodily sensations, and create an awareness about your bodily as well as psychological problems.
  • It can create a sense of bodily awareness, comfort and peace within the person
  • Tantra meditation can help in improving interpersonal communication between partners, enabling exchange of their deepest feelings for each other.
  • Increases the orgasm occurrences, which can help in reducing migraines, severity of menstrual cramps, and even join pains in some.

As tantra meditation is also a form of meditation, it helps in improving your level of concentration and commitment.


How do isochronic tones help in tantra meditation? How do they influence the mind?

Considering that tantra is a form of meditation, a lot of concentration and commitment is required to achieve the desired results using it. Isochronic tones, which are specially created by a music synthesis software, can help you achieve the required level of concentration to heighten the pleasure during the tantra rituals.

The audio program manipulates your brainwave frequencies to heighten your level of awareness, and create a mindset that allows you to appreciate what it has to offer to you. All this can be achieved by spending no more than an hour, listening to this specially engineered MP3 whenever you meditate.

The tantra audio recording has helped many people, and enjoys a great success rate.

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