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Reiki Healing

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Reiki Healing Isochronic Tone

Reiki is an alternative form of therapy that is based on the idea that every living being has a life force or energy that flows through the body. Any disruption in this life force creates illnesses, which  can be healed by channeling Reiki energy by focusing on the mind, body and spirit of the person.


Reiki Healing

How does Reiki influence a person ?

Reiki is based on the premise that illnesses are caused when energy flow in the body is disrupted. As long as the energy flows in the body, there is life in it.  When the Reiki energy levels are high, you tend to be healthy and happy. When there is loss of energy, or when the energy levels in the body are really low, you may get stressed and even fall sick.

Reiki practitioners can heal a person by channeling the life force or energy by concentrating on the person as a whole. This is usually done by massage techniques by trained Reiki therapists. Reiki healing also involves treating of illnesses using audio frequencies to focus on the person and transfer the energy into the body. Whatever method is used, the goal of Reiki is to increase the flow of energy through your body on a regular basis.


What are the benefits of Reiki healing?

Reiki gives you the ability to heal yourself, by channeling the life force or Reiki energy through your body. By learning to transfer the universal life force through your palms, you can achieve a state of equilibrium and the ability to heal yourself. Reiki healing offers numerous other benefits,  some of which are mentioned below.

  • Reiki relaxes the body, helps in removing stress and tension.
  • It supports the immune system and improves the body’s ability to heal itself
  • Helps in treating chronic ailments like headaches and  acute problems like injuries, pain etc
  • Can be used to break addictive habits and help the body in getting rid of toxins
  • It helps in enhancing mental and spiritual clarity

Reiki is considered as positive energy, and causes no harm to the practitioners. As the aim of Reiki healing is to keep a constant flow of life force through the body, it can be practiced even when you are not sick.


How does Isochiral music recording for Reiki healing work? What kind of experience does it induce?

Listening to audio frequencies like isochiral music can help you relax your body and heal yourself, without the help of a Reiki practitioner. The specially calibrated music is designed to create the desired frequencies that can help you channel the Reiki energy for self- healing or for healing another person. Playing the audio recording makes it easier to focus on channeling the energy to induce Reiki healing.

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