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Gamma Peak State

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Gamma Peak State Isochronic Tone

Gamma peak state refers to a higher level of consciousness associated with deep meditative states. It is a state similar to one achieved by Tibetan Buddhist monks after years of meditative practice. Gamma peak state audio recording can help you reach this state without prior experience or practice.


Gamma Peak State

– What is the importance of gamma peak state?

Being able to reach gamma peak state can offer a number of benefits. It is associated with higher information processing abilities, enhanced memory, improved perception of reality, higher energy levels, increased IQ and an overall positive state of mind. It also offers a number of health benefits and is known to increase life expectancy. Overall, gamma peak state can help you raise both the quality and duration of your life.


The science behind gamma peak state

Considerable research has been conducted on gamma waves, neural oscillatory patterns with frequency ranging from 25 to 100 Hz. In a study carried out in 2004, the neural electrical activity of several Buddhist monks was monitored using electrodes while they were at a higher level of consciousness. The study proved a close relation between such a meditative state and gamma waves. Further research showed that it is possible to induce the required frequency using specially composed music. Gamma peak state audio recording is based on this principle.


What are the benefits of gamma peak state audio recording?

Gamma peak state is the secret behind the great health and long lifespan of Tibetan monks. Stress is one of the leading causes of a number of diseases including hypertension and heart disorders. Achieving gamma peak state not only reduces stress, but also elevates your mood. At such a high level of conscious, you can gain more from your cognitive faculties.

Gamma peak state also offers a number of other benefits. For instance, gamma waves with 40 Hz frequency are associated with enhanced memory. It is also associated with quicker thinking, advanced learning ability, better information processing, improved focus, enhanced perception and higher energy levels.

Even after years of meditative practice a majority of people are unable to induce a shift in consciousness. The unique music of gamma peak state audio recording can induce the shift in less than eight minutes on the first try.


How does gamma peak state audio recording work? What kind of experience does it induce?

Gamma peak state audio recording includes music compositions that create specific isochronic frequencies. The frequencies induce your brain to create gamma waves of its own. These waves stimulate the gamma peak state. Unlike casual meditation, gamma peak state is a state of higher consciousness that can only be reached through a complete shift. As you come out of this state you will experience a natural euphoria. You will also find your faculties more attuned to your surroundings.

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