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Epsilon Meditation

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Epsilon Meditation Isochronic Tone

The epsilon wave is a low frequency brainwave that is measured at 0.5Hz and below. Studies have shown that this brainwave is detected when the subject is under a shamanic trance or a similar mental state described as ‘samadhi’ or ‘nirvana’. During epsilon meditation when the human brain is encouraged into this state of low-level activity, hands- on healing is also possible.


Epsilon Meditation

– What is the Brain Capable of During Epsilon Wave State?

Laboratory studies have been conducted to determine the latent potential of the brain that is unlocked when it undergoes epsilon wave stimulation. The studies have shown that during this state:

  • Coordination between the left brain and right brain activities is enhanced,
  • Nirvanic experiences or deep state of meditation is made possible,
  • The subject gains spiritual insight,
  • The rate of success with out of body experiences is enhanced.


You Too Can Experience Effective Epsilon Meditation

Achieving the state of absolute tranquility or ‘samadhi’ wherein the brain activity enters the epsilon state is an incredibly difficult challenge except for the most accomplished masters. However, in today’s fast paced world, each and every one of us is in dire need of attaining the self-awareness and spiritual insight that this state induces. Now, you too can experience the amazing benefits of epsilon meditation by using our Isochronic tones to lead your brain to this state in the minimum of time quite effortlessly.


Mastering Epsilon Meditation Through Brainwave Frequency Manipulation

Through the use of specially designed acoustic patterns, it is possible for you to quickly master epsilon meditation even if you have no prior experience with meditation. It is these sound patterns that are compiled in our Isochronic tones. These tones encourage your brain to enter a state of sustained low frequency activity that duplicates the epsilon state. This helps you attain this deep meditation state soon after you start your session.

Listening to this isochronic tone allows you to increase your control over your brain activities. It also helps enhance the coordination of hemispheric brain activities which usually occurs in a one sided manner with the left brain taking precedence. Other than the benefits of relaxation, better health and increased self awareness, isochronic tone aided Epsilon meditation also readies you mentally for spiritual/ psychic/ insightful experiences.

Since deeper meditative states can be achieved through this form of meditation, the frequency with which you achieve Samadhi state and the degree of success herein is enhanced significantly. The heightened state of consciousness achieved can be compared to that attained by shamans or the ancient gurus of yoga.


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