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Astral Projection Isochronic Program

Astral projection (astral travel) is the act of separating the subtle or astral body from the physical body; so that the subtle (inner) body can voyage outside the physical self in the astral plane, taking with it the consciousness of the traveler.

While this meditation practice is sometimes confused with near-death-experience and lucid dreaming, there is a close link between these states with the only difference being that astral projection is a consciously induced out-of-body experience.

Astral projection, past and present

Astral projection is a millennia-old practice established in many cultures and religions around the world. According to a research study conducted by Dean Sheils and published in a 1978 Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 54 out of 60 different cultures and beliefs that he studied had a concept of astral projection. Half of those cultures also believed that it was possible to astral travel consciously and while still alive. Only three cultures had no idea about this concept and those that did acknowledged it as a normal and natural part of human life.

Other accounts of astral projection appear in the Bible and Quran, and in ancient Vedic and Egyptian scriptures. It was practiced by druids and shamans throughout Europe, and is part of the traditions of the Japanese, Chinese, and the Inuit and Amazon peoples.

Nowadays with the expansion of theoretical physics and wider acceptance of quantum mechanics, the concept of astral projection isn’t considered as “kooky” among the scientific community as it once was.

How can you benefit from astral travel?

The fortunate few who have mastered the astral experience can attest to the following benefits:

Personal awareness

During the journey, one experiences an out-of-body experience. While in this state, a person is able to focus on the inner self, enabling potential to be unlocked and to discover oneself as a truly conscious being. In this state, you feel more connected to the universe and understanding your significance within it. This association allows you to observe yourself from a different point of view away from your body.

Psychic abilities

Astral projection triggers abilities to see beyond the human eye. Gifts such as telepathy and premonitions and stronger intuitive perception can accompany the development of this meditational skill.

Inner peace and calm

Many feel that the worldly stresses that once controlled them start to fade with this practice. Life itself takes on more meaning for the traveler and the cynical and negative aspects of living in this age cease to hold his attention. Studies show that people who engage in this level of deep meditation are self-content and happy with everyday occurrences of their daily life.

Improved memory

In order to enter the astral plane, your mind must be relaxed and your body immobile. This gives your brain the power to remember things that might have happened in the past and focus on deeper matters that hardly cross your mind with the normal day-to-day distractions. Your mind is able to relegate unworthy thoughts to a less-prominent status opening up the ability to recall the important things with more clarity.

Numerous other benefits of astral projection exist that can help enhance your spirituality, and open doors to wisdom and understanding.

Our Astral Projection Isochronic Tone Program

Advanced practitioners of this meditation technique spend years refining the ability to depart from their subtle bodies and travel in an astral plane. It’s an experience otherwise unavailable to the rest of us who can’t make that kind of commitment.

Fortunately, the advancement of brainwave entrainment technology has brought us some help in the form of isochronic tones.  Our Astral Projection Isochronic Tone program was engineered based on the results of several studies on subjects who were able to perform astral travel when stimulated with certain brainwave frequencies.  In other cases subjects were not stimulated but instead, observed, while under a deep state of meditation.  Their own brainwave activity was recorded and those who reported some kind of projection had activity in particular frequencies in the Alpha and Theta range. The belief is that this causes a shift in consciousness that allows the inner self to leave the physical body.

Our 1-hour meditation program was designed to give the aspiring traveler the best chance of having this divine experience.  Some report immediate success, and others require a few sessions, but all say the very first meditation is an uplifting experience regardless.

What kind of astral experience does it induce?

The MP3 meditation program brings you into a peaceful Theta state that allows your mind to think freely. This can trigger a shifting point where your inner body separates from the confines of your physical self and off onto phenomenal astral journey.

Astral projection can be a little unnerving if you’ve never experienced a super-conscious state before; however, that feeling fades quickly into one of amazement and exhilaration. Sometimes you will notice vibrations, humming, or crackling sounds (not on the MP3) that may seems a little weird, but it’s akin to the “take-off” of the journey.

What comes next is hard to describe besides the over-used word awesome!  The journey may show you amazing and vivid imagery, and in some cases you don’t realize you “left” until after you’re back. Those experiences are usually the most profound where you suddenly have a sense of timelessness and gnosis – experiential knowledge – that you received without the use of your everyday senses.  The accompanying sense of joy is mind-blowing.

Listening to isochronic tones is safe and can supercharge your meditations. If you want to finally achieve astral projection, try this program today!

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    Kicked in after a few tries but absolutely joyous. Splendid indescribable visions!

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    Yes! This program works great…I have had OBE’s in the past but this is something I never experienced before – what a rush!

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