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The Shaman recording is incredibly soothing. I felt a real sense of peace and spiritual tranquility when I listened to it. There are several questions that I have been contemplating and as I experienced the program, answers began to come forth in the form of distinct images and voices. The binaural beats cause a pleasant awareness that I plan to continue exploring. Thank you so much. - Andrea L


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Precognition Isochronic Tone

The ability to look into the future and know of what is to come is called precognition. This is one of the psi abilities that we believe only a handful of masters can wield. While there may be a comparatively larger number of people who have experienced dreams that hint at future events, there are very few people who can undergo precognitive experiences with clarity. To enhance the latent psi abilities that make foreknowledge not just possible but effortless, isochiral tones are an invaluable aid.

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The Significance of Precognition

Precognition is an ability that can have far reaching applications. The most obvious ones, that of being able to predict the future and thus benefit by it fade into oblivion by the enormity of what a true precognitive vision can impart to humanity. When used by the right person, precognition can become a vital tool to prevent suffering, disharmony and sorrow both at a personal level and at large. Precognition also helps one understands his true place in the vast tapestry of the universe.

Scientists believe that the entire universe resonates with a certain frequency. When we bring our brain activity to the same frequency, we open up a channel for direct communication with the universe. This is how precognition occurs. This synchrony of frequencies also aligns us perfectly with the universe leading to several health benefits.


With our 60 minute MP3 Isochronic tone, you can achieve what our happy customers have been experiencing so successfully!


Scientific Validation of Precognition with Acoustic Therapy

The fact that precognition is based on synchronizing ourselves with the universal frequency has been proven by scientists. There have been several studies with people who have experienced accurate precognition or presentiments successfully. There is really no doubt that this is an ability that can be honed to perfection in many of us.

The use of isochiral tones in tapping into such hidden abilities has also been studied deeply and proven beyond doubt. Several research papers have been written on the ease with which a subject using isochiral tones can enter deep meditative state and leverage psi talents that he never even knew he had. For those who already use their psi talents in a limited way, isochiral tones can unlock their full potential.


What are the Benefits of Precognition Audio Recording?

Often, precognition occurs in dream state and owing to our lack of awareness, we fail to identify this as separate from regular dreams. The use of isochiral tones awakens your inner senses in such a way that you can sense precognitive dreams and understand them in a much better way. These tones initiate your latent psi abilities so that precognition becomes possible even in those who have never exhibited such talents before. Here are a few other benefits you may gain from the Precognition Audio Recording:

  • The ability to harmonize yourself with the universe
  • A feeling of being grounded, innate stability within yourself
  • Clarity of thought and the ability to sift through the real world and illusion
  • Significant enhancement in existing and hidden psi abilities


How does Precognition Audio Recording Work? What Kind of Experience does it Induce?

The Precognition Audio Recording is a collection of specially selected audio tones that resonate with the frequency where such psi abilities are awakened within our brains. These tones prompt the brain to come into synchrony by shifting to this frequency itself. One you are deep within the precognition session, you may experience flitting images and random impressions that are clues to precognitive messages. In time, your brain will train itself to comprehend these correctly and present a cohesive message.





I have used your Precognition audio for a while now. I've been noticing more and more the fashion in which my visions present themselves, and I've been able to track the duration between the time of the vision and the time the vision manifests itself. I look forward to the greater heights that this audio will take me.- Justin M

I have experienced presentiments before but they were always too sketchy for me to understand them until after the event actually occurred. Now after using your Precognition Audio Recording, I can ‘see’ the future so much more clearly and understand the obscure messages more accurately.- Teisha Damien

I never believed that precognition was actually possible until my friend ‘predicted’ more than a couple of things about me and they really happened. I found out that she was using your Precognition Audio Recording. Now I have my own copy and I’m looking forward to trying it right away.- Cambridge Zenna

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Isochronic Tone $ 24
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