How Meditation Can Help Those Suffering from Chronic Medical Conditions

meditation for depression

Meditation, when practiced on a daily basis, can be one of the most beneficial health habits that an individual can partake in. In fact, many healthcare professionals and healthcare recruiting agencies recommend adopting a meditation practice for their patients and employees as a means to treat and alleviate various disorders they suffer with. If you’ve ever thought of becoming a regular practitioner of mindfulness, the beneficial side effects listed below may give you the push needed to start your personal journey with meditation.

Blood Pressure

Chronic blood pressure issues can wreak havoc on our body and prevent patients from engaging with the world in a way that they once took for granted. A normal blood pressure reading, for most patients, is around 120/80 with anything lower being a sign of healthy cardiovascular activity. Individuals that suffer with hypertension, or on the verge, have vitals higher than 120/80. Symptoms are often found in both men and women over the age of 50 with rare instances of patients younger than this average. Side effects such as chest pain, difficulty seeing objects and reading text, and labored breathing are common within sufferers. However, many studies have concluded that a regular meditation practice can leave the individual both mentally calm and lower their blood pressure when practiced regularly.


Chronic bouts of depression are one of the biggest factors that many people around the globe struggle with on a daily basis. Recent findings have found that over 40-million adults within the United States battle with the side effects of depression throughout their lives. Depression is defined as an unnatural feeling of despondency and inability to carry out normal functions that others find easy, or second-nature to manage. While there is no cure for the depressive state that so many of us deal with, meditation has been shown to alleviate the control it has on a patient’s life. Experts within the field of Psychology have long known of the beneficial nature that meditation can provide individuals that suffer with this psychological battle.

As you can see, meditation is a tool that everyone can use to influence their health and longevity with ease. And with isochronic tones a quick 10-minute session, practiced on a daily basis, can lead to a life filled with calm thoughts, better attention span and focus, and attentiveness to your surroundings. Try it for yourself today–you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!