F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are some of the questions that potential customers ask when they are interested in our products. We hope that you find yours here.


I’ve seen free brainwave recordings on the web – why should I buy these?

There is no shortage of “brainwave recordings” out there promising all sorts of things, and we’ve heard from unfortunate people who’ve tried them.  In short, if there is no real company behind the recordings who will guarantee your satisfaction (like we do), don’t bother with them.  It’s not worth getting your hopes up and losing your time.  We’ve heard from people that listened to a track promising “stress relief” and they wound up more agitated.  You simply don’t know who made these, or how.

How do I download/save my recordings?

It’s important that you save your purchases to your computer or device, since clicking the live download link will only work a couple of times!  To save your tracks permanently please do the following once on your Download page:

PC:  Hover over the name of the program you just purchased, Right-click,  and “Save link as…” (or “Save target as”, etc.).  The program will save to whatever folder is set up on your computer, often “Downloads”

Mac:  Hover over the program name, click “Ctrl” key, then click the Download link

iPhone/iPad:  First save the program(s) to a computer with iTunes installed (follow the instructions above).  Then copy the saved programs to iTunes.  Plug your device into your computer and sync up iTunes.  Voila!


What are isochronic tones? How do they work?

Isochronic tones can be thought of as an audio-based technique of brain stimulation. They enable the phenomenon of brainwave entrainment to address a variety of cognitive problems and bring about emotional and spiritual/meditative benefits.


What are the mp3 meditation programs supposed to do?

Our excellent isochronic mp3 audio products are designed to modify your brainwave frequency to induce a unique benefit. The Sleep Improver audio, for instance will help induce deep restorative sleep, while Incantations will take you to a deep state of meditation and give you a greater sense of emotional control.


How are the frequencies chosen in each recording?

Our audio products are the result of years of dedicated research. Through the development stage, we have used only industry-best software and proven methodologies to offer optimal benefits.


How long will it take to see results?

That’s one of the USPs of our product – the auditory experience gets working on the specific benefits(s) just ten minutes into your listening session. As far as long-term benefits go, over sustained listening sessions, you should become more confident about tackling the emotional, cognitive or spiritual obstacle that you are facing.


How often should I listen?

We recommend that you listen to the mp3 recording once a day. However, if spaced out you can even enjoy two auditory sessions a day.


Do I need to use any special breathing techniques?

No, you needn’t have to use special breathing techniques but just believe in the power of the audio recordings to drive the benefits you want! Having said that, you can even choose to pair your listening experience with beneficial breathing techniques, especially with a program like Prana.


Should I use headphones to listen to the recordings?

Most prefer using headphones but it’s not mandatory with programs like ours that utilize Isochronic tone technology. If you’re planning to sleep during or after a particular program (like Sleep Improver or Power Nap), then you may want to listen through good quality computer or stereo speakers, since the better headphones tend to be bulky and may not be comfortable for some.  It’s just a matter of preference!


Is there a specific sequence/order in which I should listen to the audio recordings?

Should you have more than one recording, you can space out listening to them or listen to them in succession. There is no hard and fast rule, except that it is best to start with Alpha and then progress to Theta and Delta. At the same time, we urge you to experiment and plan your listening sessions however you choose.


Is there something as overdoing your audio sessions?

We suggest that you keep your listening to under three hours a day. Also, if you plan to listen to multiple audio products, please give your brain a short resting period before the subsequent session.


Will my brain be able to reach these states over sustained and continuous use?

Yes, the ability to change brainwave frequency can be honed with the use of our isochronic mp3 products eventually. However, we recommend that you safeguard the products for positive reinforcement.


Is it okay to listen to the recordings while driving?

To avoid safety compromises, we strongly urge you not to listen to the recordings when you are driving your vehicle.


Why should I choose your products over others?

Our products rest on a strong foundation of tried-and-tested methodology and the inherent property of isochronic tones to induce a number of far-reaching benefits. We believe the proof of the pudding is in the eating – try one for yourself and experience measurable and meaningful positive changes. We also encourage you to read our customer testimonials to understand the response to our products.


Are there any special offers on your products?

We welcome you to make the most of our current special deal – buy 2 get 2 free. Our products make interesting gifts – you can consider gifting them to loved ones who place their faith in the efficacy of holistic healing techniques.


Can I use your audio products as an alternative to medicines?

Our products do not claim to be alternatives to medicines. They are holistic therapeutic tools that leverage the influence and impact of isochronic tones on brainwave frequency to induce a variety of benefits. Brain entrainment is a safe practice; however, it is advisable to consult with your physician before embarking on audio sessions if you have a history of medical conditions or auditory disorders.


If your query isn’t listed above, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We look forward to assisting you! Contact Our Support Team