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I have enjoyed a few of your recordings, but this latest purchase is unique in the way it makes me feel. I have a wonderful sense of intense energy, incredible strength, and true happiness. I very much appreciate this recording. Thank you – Gilbert A


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Clairvoyance Isochronic Tone

Clairvoyance is one of the amazing psi abilities that the human brain is capable of. However, not many of us actually know that we too can become clairvoyant, much less use these latent powers? With the use of isochiral sounds, it is now possible for each and every one of us to develop our own psi powers including clairvoyance.

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Tapping the Hidden Potential of the Human Brain

The human brain is the most amazing organ and even today, we do not fully comprehend exactly what it is capable of when used to the optimum. However, it is a proven fact that psi abilities like telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition are inbuilt into our brains. Although every human's brain is wired to exhibit these skills, there are but a handful of people who can actually use them. This is because the rest of us do not know how to unlock these skills and how to put them to use. This is exactly what isochronic tones help to do.


How Brainwave Technology Helps

Isochronic tones aid in brain power development by stimulating this powerful organ to shift into desired states of activity. Studies have revealed that the human brain can be encouraged to follow a specific frequency different from its current one by using the right kind of acoustic stimulus. Researchers have identified the kind of brain activity that is detected when psychic activity is being exhibited. By combining these two pieces of knowledge, it has become possible to design sound waves that prompt the brain into a state conducive to exhibiting psychic abilities.

Using brainwave technology in this way not just aids novices in harnessing their innate psi abilities but also helps practicing psi masters to enhance their abilities and strengthen them. The use of Isochronic tones designed for clairvoyance have also been known to increase clairaudient and clairsentient ability showing that the beneficial effects are not limited to specific areas.


Isochronic Tones are the Most Effective Brainwave Technology

You may find some people using binaural and monaural tones to help enhance their psychic powers but isochronic beats are by far the most effective brainwave entrainment technology in use. This is because in these tones the pulse speed is higher with the result that the brain can shift into sync faster and more easily. That is why the effects are so quickly witnessed when you use isochronic tones to aid or uncover your psi abilities. It has also been found that with regular use of isochronic tones, the magnitude of benefits gained increase over time.



Our Isochronic tones for clairvoyance and psi abilities development have been used with spectacular results by many customers. Here is what some of them have to say about the product:


I have never tried anything like this before and honestly I did not think it would work. But even during the first session, I got the distinct feeling like my thoughts were coming ‘unstuck’, becoming clearer than ever before. I am definitely hooked now and I will be experimenting with clairvoyance in near future.- Darryl Edenfield

I use crystals to help with my psi abilities but when I started using your Isochronic tone in addition to using my crystals the results were simply amazing. The sound tones actually enhanced by abilities and allowed me to go further than I have ever gone before.- Keith Ledger

With your Isochronic tone I can move very quickly to the state of perfect tranquility where I can tap into my psychic abilities in the best possible way. It is so effortless that using my psi skills has become a much more fulfilling experience.- Jessie Areblo

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Why buy our Isochronic tone?

There are many compelling reasons why our Isochronic tone is being snapped up by people.

Yes Isochronic Tone is a one hour MP3 that creates brainwave synchronization in a matter of minutes.

Yes You don’t have sit through a number of practice sessions before you can actually feel the effects.

Yes The Isochronic tone leverages the powerful tool that is sound, to begin the shift in consciousness

Yes A tried and tested solution, the Isochronic Tone MP3 allows you to reap the benefits such an experience can deliver.


Isochronic Tone $ 24
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