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The Shaman recording is incredibly soothing. I felt a real sense of peace and spiritual tranquility when I listened to it. There are several questions that I have been contemplating and as I experienced the program, answers began to come forth in the form of distinct images and voices. The binaural beats cause a pleasant awareness that I plan to continue exploring. Thank you so much. - Andrea L


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Astral Projection Audio

Astral Projection Isochronic Tone

As more and more people are opening up to the possibility of transferring consciousness away from the physical human body, music-induced astral projections have emerged as the best technique to achieve this.

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* No Extensive Practice Required
* Effects Usually Felt In Minutes
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1 Minute Sample

Astral Projection


- Is astral projection a skill worth possessing?

- Can astral travel redefine spiritual experiences and take your body to a level of calmness and understanding that you've never felt before?

The answer is a resounding 'yes' - astral projections are more common than you may imagine.


With our 60 minute MP3 Isochronic tone, you can achieve what our happy customers have been experiencing so successfully!


Astral projection in the modern age

The concept of astral travel has been around for centuries, and in today's fast-paced world and hectic lifestyles, it has never been more relevant! The Bible and Quran mention astral projections; there is documented history of out-of-body experiences in China, India, Japan, and among the Intuit and Amazon communities. Extensive studies in this field have facilitated a better understanding of how astral travel can be induced, and spiritualists have leveraged the amazing wonders of physics to create limitless possibilities.


How are people using astral travel?

You may wonder how astral projection is helping people gain a better understanding of their spiritual side, and indeed their immediate environment. Here's a look:

  • Most have admitted that astral travel has offered them greater spiritual clarity.
  • By projecting their consciousness through astral travel, some have experienced hyper-realistic dreams
  • Astral projection is being used to fine-tune or improve intuition
  • By far, people are using astral travel to explore and better understand the circumstances and people that surround them.

You can make the most of the above benefits. Imagine suspending your astral body to enhance your spirituality, enjoy a physical experience like never before, and open the doors to wisdom and understanding.


What is Isochronic Tone based on? What kind of astral experience does it induce?

The basis for Isochronic Tone is sound, a powerful tool that initiates astral projection and makes possible experiences that yoga and meditation cannot achieve. The music synthesis software creates the isochronic beat frequency which tunes the brain into a third frequency that your ears cannot hear. This is the shifting point, inducing a separation from the confines of your physical body to a wondrous astral journey.

Please note that astral projection can be a bit unnerving the first time around, and this is a natural feeling. As you begin to project, you will hear vibrations and sounds like buzzing, yelling and popping. Maintain a sense of calm through them and continue onwards to your Middle Astral (a reality within the fourth dimension and a center of learning) plane.


Our astral projection Isochronic tone has an excellent success rate. Read what some of our satisfied customers have to say.


I was a bit skeptical about experiencing astral projection as quickly as was promised, but sure enough I began to feel the non-physical symptoms within a couple of minutes, with incessant humming sounds accompanied by some light-headedness. There was a sense of calm and pace after that, which felt very therapeutic. Over the past few recordings, I have been able to explore the spiritual me and discovered quite a few things about myself. - Sharron Varnes

Something about using beat frequency to induce astral projection struck me as being rational. As someone who has been meditating everyday for the past four years, I had struggled to reach the Theta phase of altered consciousness, despite several attempts. It is amazing how Isochronic Tone enabled this in the very first sitting! My out-of-body experience felt special and powerful….I'm presently using the recording to become more aware of my environment, and hope to project myself to different locations. - Darren McGrail.

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Why buy our Isochronic tone?

There are many compelling reasons why our Isochronic tone is being snapped up by people. Whether you are serious about using astral travel to help meet certain emotional and spiritual needs, or just curious to see what everyone's talking about, do consider these points:

Yes Isochronic Tone is a one hour MP3 that creates brainwave synchronization in a matter of minutes.

Yes You don’t have sit through a number of practice sessions before you can actually feel the effects.

Yes The Isochronic tone leverages the powerful tool that is sound, to begin the shift in consciousness

Yes A tried and tested solution, the Isochronic Tone MP3 makes astral projection more accessible and allows you to reap the benefits such an experience can deliver.


Isochronic Tone $ 24
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