Advanced Manifestation Tips

cosmic ordering and manifestation

Advanced Manifestation Tips

Visualization, cosmic ordering, power-of-intention and other manifestation techniques to promote the granting of one’s wishes has a long and storied history. Some people claim to have immense success with them (and it often seems verifiable when you look at their success and joy in life) while others struggle to even get started. Still, most probably, people will never stop trying to improve on these techniques. If you are suitably inclined towards this discipline, we offer a few salient ideas on how to start harnessing the power of intention right here and right now in your life:

Sanatana Dharma – It is essential for the practitioner to understand that their wishes should harmonize with sanatana dharma or the eternal natural way. It is counterproductive to wish ill on anyone – furthermore, asking for harmful or even mischievous wishes to be fulfilled will ultimately backfire. There is an inherent cosmic nature in the world that must be respected.

Take the nature aspect a bit further and try practicing your manifestation techniques outside in an environment that feels “homey” to you – like a sacred garden shrine, or some place that resonates with you for one reason or another.  You’ll engage more senses as you visualize your desire and make it that much more real to your subconscious.

Be self-centered – This advice may seem a tad tongue-in-cheek and against some of the other tenets of manifestation but all it really means is that you cannot wish things for others – it is up to them to reach that peak of self-actualization and make a conscious decision to do something for themselves. Instead, concentrate on yourself and evolve into a happy person who can independently manifest all of his or her desires.

Make it real – Ask any successful athlete, actor or businessperson, in almost every aspect of life, it really pays to visualize yourself accomplishing your goal before it actually happens. Nowhere is this fact more important than when utilizing a manifestation technique like cosmic ordering. Create the vision in your mind, embrace it and then direct your body’s energy towards accomplishing the feat. It helps to create a symbol of the desire such as a sigil or some other physical representation you can look at and be mindful of throughout the day.

sigil for manifestation

A Sigil

Start small when dreaming big – It should be obvious that simpler wishes will be accomplished in less time with a small amount of effort while more complicated ones will take more time and energy. Recognize this fact and use it to your advantage. Every journey starts with the first step, So, take that first step and realize a small goal. Then, when you are ready, move on to more challenging ones.

Mums the word – Both the law of diminishing returns and the old adage that, “Silence is golden,” apply in this particular respect. In other words, do not post on social media what you’re up to or otherwise disclose your personal wishes as it wastes the energy that is committed by you towards manifesting those wishes. In short, it is much better to focus your energy at attaining your goals rather than just talking about them.

Cut out the middleman – Under no circumstances should you wish for something that is only a stepping stone to getting something else. In other words, do not wish for money to buy you a new house. Instead, desire the TV itself. This advice comes from the need for self-realization. Simply put, you should already know exactly what you want as opposed to merely having some vague idea about it. The first step of cosmic ordering or any other visualization method is to decide what the heck you want in the first place!  Do some real soul searching and you may find that what you thought you wanted really isn’t so great after all, and instead, with meditation, you learned what will truly make you happy.

Cues you can use – After you have expressed your wish, the Universe will make manifest many signs that will guide you in the right direction for accomplishing your goal. It is imperative that you watch for the signs and act upon them. Pay attention – or not! – but understand that manifestation is an iterative process and you must make the correct choices along the way or your dreams will not be realized.

Know the time investment – Good things do indeed come to those who wait. With that thought in mind, it is arguable that most folks do not realize that manifestation is often a success-by-degrees process, not one that produces immediate and incredibly bountiful gains. Practice over time is going to yield the best results and to keep on the path you might want to try brainwave-focused meditation programs using Isochronic tones.

So reflect on that person, item, or situation you want to come into your life and get started manifesting now!