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My name is Katrina. Between 2000 and 2007, I was a yoga coach, and in 2006 I started working with binaural beats, isochronic tones, and other brainwave entrainment tools. I learned how to create high-quality audio recordings engineered to target different areas of the brain based on the extensive research available. In using the recordings myself, I found I became more focused, and also driven to share my success with others! So we invested heavily in research and developed hundreds of brainwave tracks, which we then tested with the help of interested people. We now offer you the best-performing meditation mp3’s from those trials, and continue to develop new tracks to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

A Message From Katrina: Founder of MP3 Meditation Club


Millions of people around the globe are finding success with brainwave entrainment.

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Meditation made easy?

So many people struggle to meditate effectively. There is the constant mental chatter that just won’t stop, the inability to stay focused on a mantra for more than a couple of minutes, physical agitation, and interruptions from your own thoughts as you suddenly realize items from your to-do list were not accomplished! Then if you manage to have one good session, the intense effort that went into making it happen is not always easy to replicate.

We at MP3 Meditation Club have been there too. But the good news is that specially-designed brainwave entrainment recordings can help silence the mental interruptions and activate the parts of your brain required to get down to deep, effective, and enjoyable meditative states.

There is fortunately a wealth of research available on audio brainwave therapy, and in particular Isochronic tones. We have taken our cues from the results of hundreds of published experiments, and used the best audio software available to duplicate the exact frequencies used in successful studies and create wonderful sounding meditation music, where each program focuses on a specific goal. Different frequencies cause the brain to react in different ways so it’s paramount to match up the correct tones with the outcomes you want to achieve. For example, if you are trying to get a deep relaxing sleep in, you don’t want to use frequencies that will ramp up your energy levels before bed.

Have you ever wanted to experience astral travel or lucid dreaming? Do you just want to have better mental focus in your career, your art, or at school? Need to de-stress (who doesn’t)? We have over 75 different Isochronic tone and Affirmations meditation programs so there is likely something here of interest to you. Every program has a sample you can listen to before you buy.


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Brainwave entrainment has been a real gift to those who always wanted to experience higher states of consciousness but could never get there on their own. We are proud to have provided our meditation music programs to thousands of customers over the years, enabling so many people to experience success that was previously off-limits to them!

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