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The Shaman recording is incredibly soothing. I felt a real sense of peace and spiritual tranquility when I listened to it. There are several questions that I have been contemplating and as I experienced the program, answers began to come forth in the form of distinct images and voices. The binaural beats cause a pleasant awareness that I plan to continue exploring. Thank you so much. - Andrea L


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HGH Stimulation

Feel Young Again with HGH Stimulation

Acoustical sounds stimulate brainwaves and brain chemistry, it also can stimulate glands such as the pituitary gland, which produces HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

This product contains a variety of sounds that stimulate HGH production that can reverse signs of biological aging and increase metabolism, weight loss and higher energy levels.
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HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Stimulation

Since recent studies have consistently suggested that increased levels of the Human Growth Hormone might reverse the biological signs of aging, scientists have been looking for ways to pioneer technology that will stimulate its production. The use of specially designed sounds to promote brainwave frequency stimulation seems to have a positive effect, which is who products like this have come onto the market.

Many recent studies have been performed on the effects of the increase and decrease of the Human Growth Hormone. These studies suggest that higher levels of HGH can help to reverse biological aging (ostensibly keeping you younger for longer). This hormone is, as expected, produced and excreted naturally by the pituitary gland in the brain.

HGH is something that we, as animals, produce naturally and in abundance in our youth. This is why children grow so much and develop so complexly so quickly; and why we seem to “grow” less as we get older. Testing shows that this is due to the fact that we begin to produce less and less of the Human Growth Hormone after the teen years.

It often seems like teenagers can eat anything without putting on any weight. This is sometimes attributed to a high metabolism or higher level of constant activity. It is also caused by the Human Growth Hormone, which is why after the teen years you notice that your metabolism might start to slow down while your body fat increases, immunity decreases, skin quality decreases, and libido decreases.
Stimulating development of HGH, though, can reverse this process and restore many of the amazing benefits of youth.

Clinical trials show that increased HGH can result in an increase in muscle mass, faster and more consistent fat loss (without dieting), higher levels of energy, enhancd sexual performance, better cardiac health, improved immunodeficiency function, stronger bones, sharper vision, more consistently elevated moods, faster wound healing, better sleep, improved kidney function, and promotion of the regrowth ability in the heart, liver, spleen, kidneys, and other organs that shrink from aging. Again, you can do this by achieving the very delicate balance between a healthy diet and proper exercise; but you can also achieve this by stimulating the brain to produce more of the chemical.

Manual stimulation of the brain may seem like science fiction but it is possible. Actually, it’s quite easy when you use techniques like HGH Stimulation, which is very similar to the kind of meditation you can achieve through things like binaural beats and isochiral music. By listening to a specific combination of sound frequencies, you can stimulate the pituitary gland to produce HGH. Of course, there may be other benefits, too, in terms of alpha and theta meditation and other things that are related to emotional health.

With this product, you will be able stimulate the production of the human growth hormone in the pituitary gland naturally and effectively. Couple this process with a nutritious diet, proper exercise, and healthy living and you will notice a vast overall improvement in your well-being.